My name is Ione Larrañaga I was born in 1993 in a very small town in the Basque Country (Spain), currently living and working in Barcelona.

My work talks mainly all about time, memory, nature and how we grow through it. Mostly I use drawing as a medium or painting. As an illustrator I work mostly for clients in editorial, but also publishing, advertising and others.


My process usually involves drawing with pencil or ink on paper and digital coloring.

Currently I am a collaborator illustrator of the children's publishing house BABIDI-BU

  7 / 2019 Stripart Festival, Barcelona, collective expo.

  7 / 2019 Aitz Garbi, Antzuola.

10 / 2018 TOC Hostels & Suites Barcelona, collective expo.  

  1 / 2018 Aitz Garbi, Antzuola.
  7 / 2017 Galería Cromo, Barcelona, collective expo.
  7 / 2017 Universidad Elisava, Barcelona, collective expo.

  6 / 2015 Bellas Artes UCM, Madrid, collective expo.

  6 / 2014 VIBO, Madrid, life drawing.

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